Best Man Speeches – Brother to Brother

best man speeches brotherIt is your brother’s wedding day and he has asked you to be his best man. By doing so, he has placed an enormous responsibility on your shoulders.

Not only are you going to help him with wedding organization, you will also have the honor of delivering the best man speech. Keep in mind the best man speech you deliver will ring in your brother’s mind for years to come. In addition, it will also gauge your entire family’s relationship. This is why you need to take best man speeches, brother to brother, very seriously.

Obviously, you will want to make a lasting impression in the heart of every guest present. And while there is no standard way of delivering a best man speech, there are certain things that you need to remember to make your speech memorable. Here are some of them.

Preparation for your brother’s speech

The most important rule in making a memorable speech is to take time to prepare one beforehand. While this might seem quite obvious, it is sad to note that most speeches fail due to lack of proper preparation.

Best man speeches naturally require adequate preparation, honing out some good one liners as well as an opening joke or two, ensuring that all the right people are remembered and acknowledged. Trying to accomplish all these off the cuff can be very difficult. Add in a little dose of anxiety, and some alcohol, and the stage is set for potential disaster.

Keep it short, but not too short

A good best man speech should be no more than five – ten minutes long (max). Thus, while preparing your speech, be sure to gather enough material to last you this period of time. A longer speech will certainly get people bored, unless you are a speech making genius. On the other hand, your best man speech should not be too short either. Know all the components that you need to add while drafting your speech and everything else will fall in place.

Add in some fun and humor

People enjoy a good laugh. Keep it light-hearted and you’ll do just fine. The important part about adding humor to you speech is including the entire wedding party on your jokes. Try and make your speech humorous to everyone in audience, not just your brother and family. Private jokes that only your brother or immediate family will get are not recommended.

Make the groom the core of your best man speech

Talk about the positive effects you observed in him since he started going out with the bride. For instance, you can say something like, “Joe used to shave only twice a month, and according to his dog, Bobo, only showered once a week. But since Joe met Kelly, he shaves every two days, showers daily, uses after shave and poor Bobo no longer gets the chance to lick his face.”

Never forget to wish the couple well for the future

It is highly important that you wish the groom and his wife happiness and good health for the future in your speech. It is a toast after all.

However, be sure to avoid the deeper ideals of marriage (or divorce) during your speech. Do not walk this road while delivering your best man’s speech for your brother, or anyone.

Sample of best man brother speech

man giving best man speech to brother“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. For those who do not know me yet, my name is Elvis, Joe’s elder brother, and I am the best man. This is actually the first time I am making this kind of speech, and I have to say, I couldn’t be more honored that Joe allowed me to toast to him and his beautiful bride Kelly.

Being the older guy, I have known Joe from birth. I saw him crawl for the first time, speak his first words – I was able to hold his hand while we waited for the bus on his first day of school.

I love you bro. You’ve had such a big impact on my life. Including, helping be build my sense of humor.

So, while I’ve tried to make this speech humorous, it is all Joe’s fault if it’s is not as funny as you might have wanted it to be.

I have very fond memories growing up with Joe. We have been partners in crime on many wild occasions, and in quieter times, close confidants in whom we could hide just about everything. And I mean anything, which has provided me with great material for my speech this evening.

I did agree not to embarrass Joe tonight so I’ll behave. And to prevent any future embarrassment, Joe, this is probably a good time to tell you your fly has been open since the start of the ceremony.

I’d like to offer a little demonstration for the audience this evening. Kelly, if you would, please lay your hand flat on the table in front of you.

And, Joe, now if you would, please place your hand gently on top of Kelly’s on the table.

Now, Joe, I want you to make the most of this moment. It’s the last time you’ll ever have the upper hand.

You’re a lucky guy Joe and I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Kelly, you’re a beautiful, wonderful woman and you deserve a wonderful husband – so I’m not going to rest until I figure out what the heck went wrong here.

Ladies and gentlemen, finally, let’s give this gorgeous couple the toast that they deserve. Raise your glasses in honor of my brother and very best friend and his beautiful wife. To Joe and Kelly.”

Final Thoughts and More Sample Best Man Speeches

When people marry, they not only get married to a specific person; they marry the entire family. Most grooms settle on their brothers as their best man. If you are honored to be your brother’s best man, you need to invest an adequate amount of time writing your best man speech. Remember, best man speeches brother, if delivered right can be one of the most memorable moments in a wedding.

To ensure your place in the hearts of the bride, groom and entire wedding party, be sure to continue your best man speech planning here with these 20 sample best man speeches.

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