Good Best Man Speeches – Top Tips for Speech Writing

Have you ever been invited to be the best man at your friend’s wedding and thought you wouldn’t pull it off? Well, you are not alone. Standing in front of your buddy’s parents, friends and loved ones and giving your best speech is not an easy task. In fact, many people bail out the moment they are asked to become the best man, but this doesn’t have to be you. The secret to succeeding in the task is having all the tips to giving good best man speeches at your fingertips.

To make a good best man speech, you need to prepare early in advance. There are different formats that you can use to make your speech. However, most of them are similar in some degree. The format can be summarized as follows:

man giving a good best man speech• Introduction
• Compliments to the couple
• A story about the couple
• Jokes and quotes
• Appreciation
• Conclusion


Unless you are a celebrity, always introduce yourself to the crowed. If the wedding has many people, there is a high chance that quite a number of them do not know you or your relationship with the couple. Therefore, introducing yourself is always the polite thing to do.

Introduce yourself as a friend, or family member and then say something witty or funny so as to break the ice. For instance you can start by saying how you have been bailing the groom out of trouble and problems over the years and that you are finally glad that the bride has come to relieve you of him.

A Story About the Couple

Give a short captivating story about the couple. The things that used to do together or places that they used to go to have fun and how the groom one day confessed his love for her, to you. Joke about how you had never seen him that happy, except for that one time you took him to the fanfare and bought him cotton candy.

Compliment the Couple

Not many relationships end up in a happy wedding. Praise their resilience and say how commendable you think they are for taking their relationship this far. Make sure that everyone understands how special the two of them are and how much they love each other. Say how happy you are that they found each other and that you hope the two of them will have a happy marriage.

bride and groomYou should also point out that you do not feel like you have lost a friend to marriage, but instead you have gained a new friend. Throw in something that the audience probably doesn’t know, such as the honeymoon plans or where the couple plan on living. Also, give a few tips on married life.

Remember to make fun of the groom. You probably have some great history together and funny moments you shared during your youth.

Do get entangled in the glory of your past life with your groom and forget about the bride. It is a big day for her too, probably the best day in her life. So, compliment her about how beautiful she looks and how the groom does not deserve. Make a joke about how she has broken many men’s hearts.

Also tell her that the day is not as great as she thinks, because she did not marry the best man and throw in any other joke that you find appropriate for the occasion, but do not overdo it. This will liven up things and get everyone in the party mood.

Jokes and Marriage Quotes

Throw in a couple of jokes and marriage quotes that will get the attention of everyone. Some good examples include:
• Behind every great man there is a surprised woman — Maryon Pearson
• May all your ups and downs come only in the bedroom
It is important to learn your audience before dropping any joke. For instance, you have to be sure that you will not insult anybody when you drop the second joke.


Once everyone has had a full dose of laughter, appreciate all the guests and everyone else that has played a hand in making the day a success. Thanks those who funded the wedding. Moreover, thank the parents for all their efforts.


Jokes aside, wish the couple future happiness and health and ask everyone to raise their glasses and toast to the happy couple. This part should be done in a formal way and with utmost sincerity.With that, you will have wrapped up everything.

If you still have doubts about your ability to impress the crowd with your speech, do not worry. You can download these 20 best man speeches here that offer wedding speech tips and learn one or two things from them. The good best man speeches on the websites will definitely come in handy.

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