Great Best Man Speeches – Tips For Preparing

great best man speeches

Great Best Man Speeches Begin With Preparation and Careful Planning

While a wedding is the greatest celebration of love between couples, it’s also a very stressful experience for everyone involved-particularly the best man.

The best man not only has to organize the stag party, make sure that the groom arrives on time and take care of the rings, but he’s also tasked with preparing great best man speeches.

Writing a good best man speech is about finding a balance – it should be innovative and funny, but if you try too hard you can end up preparing a speech that’s both cliched and offensive.

Below, we’re going to go over a few important points that can help you create a great best man speech, no matter what your experience is with public speaking. Anyone trying to create great best man speeches should take note of the following tips.

Preparation is key

Good preparation is very important and it’s never too late – you can get the material for the speech over the stag weekend. Prepare some questions in advance and take a notebook and pen. Get information about the groom from everyone-find out his mannerisms, childhood nicknames, teenage catchphrases, embarrassing moments, favorite music bands, first car, hair cut and fashion faux pas, and so on. All of this will be part of the flesh of your speech.

Write it down

Unless you’re an expert public speaker, you can never succeed in ‘winging it’. If the wedding is just a few months away, start mulling over a few ideas for your speech. Start brainstorming and writing down stories, thoughts, quotes, and jokes you may want to include. Writing down your speech helps to clarify thoughts and keeps things on track.

Practice, practice, practice

“Practice makes perfect” is an old saying that also applies to your wedding speech. The sooner you write it down, the more time you will get to practice and make it perfect, which will eventually improve your confidence when it’s time to deliver in front of everyone.

Don’t try to be funny for one night

A good joke is always appreciated and relieves the tension you might have-but don’t go overboard. It’s hard to pull off comedy and not everyone is naturally talented. People usually get in trouble when trying to be funny by cracking some lame jokes or sharing some embarrassing stories. It usually falls flat and nobody laughs. Just be natural and work with what you have.

Say something good about the groom

The goal of your speech is to honor the couple as well as make them look nice. In other words, you should consider yourself a salesman promoting the groom to the bride’s family, who might not know him like you do. It’s completely natural to find this bit a little embarrassing, but don’t forget that this is your best friend’s day, and nobody will laugh at you if you get a bit sappy.

Speak clearly and loudly

Even if you are nervous, try to speak clearly and loudly. Hopefully you’ll use a microphone, but if not make sure you enunciate. There’s nothing more irritating than listening to 5 minutes of mumbling garbage.

Keep it short

keys to great best man speeches

Sometimes, giving a great best man speech means knowing what NOT to include…

Aim for 3 minutes and it’ll last 5-10 minutes with time for laughing, heckling and so on. Be sure to vary your tone; remember, your aim is to give a lively delivery.

Stay sober

Of course, you want to have a good time, and yes, a little “liquid courage” might help you relax, but make sure you aren’t drunk when you deliver the speech. You will only look like a fool, and besides, no real man needs a crutch to tackle a problem.

Keep it clean

Avoid embarrassing, offensive or controversial topics, such as the groom’s past girlfriends, drunken habits, bathroom habits, time in prison, etc. While this is common sense, many people somehow overlook this when they’re talking in front of people.

Congratulate the couple

Say it is an honor to be Best Man for the couple. Make sure you mention the bride in your speech and get some funny tales about her from bridesmaids or her friends to include.

Be yourself

Don’t forget that you were chosen to be the groom’s best man. Don’t try to be formal or someone you’re not. Also, you don’t need to follow these tips exactly. They’re just a guide, so be yourself. Talk naturally. Use your voice and mannerisms naturally. Make it sincere and personal and pour your heart out. You’ll be just fine.

Finish with a toast

Finally, finish your best man speech by proposing a toast. Wish the couple a happy marriage and give them a fitting quote or some words of wisdom. Then ask everyone to toast to the newly-weds.

If you use these tips properly, you’ll be able to prepare great best man speeches. To learn more tips about preparing powerful best man speeches, make sure to check out the Best Man Wedding Speeches here.

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