How To Give Funny Best Man Speeches

man giving a funny best man speech

Giving funny best man speeches means delivering your lines with great timing and light-hearted fun.

Let’s face it, it’s an honor to be the best man at your best friend’s wedding which doesn’t happen every day. Since the role comes with plenty of responsibility, it’s important that you are able to prepare and deliver engaging and funny best man speeches with charisma and confidence, which makes your audience laugh and enjoy.

One thing that people appreciate about best man speeches is being funny. Giving a funny, hilarious and exciting speech is not difficult as long as you understand several key factors. Therefore, below are some great tips that can help you prepare a good, funny best man speech.

Remember, the most important point when it comes to giving funny best man speeches is to know your boundaries. Many people think that they’re incredibly funny and thus will make everyone laugh at whatever they say. As a result, you’ll find people making jokes that are stale, corny, or even not remotely funny.

Do your research

Yes, it sounds cliche, but you’ll be shocked to learn that many people take this suggestion for granted. Funny best man speeches should be filled with jokes, testimonies about the couple, and many good little anecdotes you’d like to share with the crowd. Try to recall the funny moments you shared with the couple, talk to their friends and family and find out what they say about them. Use this information to prepare a funny, exciting speech.

Be calm and sober

keep calm and give a great speechTake a few deep breaths before you get on the stage and take the microphone. Focus all your attention on the task at hand. Don’t let your thoughts wander so that you don’t remember anything. Do not drink too much before your speech. Part of your responsibility is self management (even if it’s just for one day). You want your guests to enjoy the speech, not make fun of you.

Don’t try too hard

If your best man speech is good, everyone will enjoy it. You don’t have to try too hard to be funny to make the audience laugh. Many people make this mistake and end up being the butt of jokes at a wedding.

Best the best man, not a comedian

Here’s an important point to remember, you were chosen to be the best man, so don’t try stand-up comedy. A funny best man speech isn’t just about comedy. You must thank those who made the event possible, the parents of the couple, and all the friends and relatives who made it to the ceremony. Also say something good about the couple, like why you believe they were made for each other, etc. You should give an extensive speech, so don’t just concentrate on jokes.

Appeal to everyone

In any wedding there will definitely be a diverse mix of people. There will be old folks, adults, young people, and children. Ensure that your best man speech appeals to everyone and that they may possibly relate to and get what you’re trying to say. The key to getting your message all across is to keep the audience fascinated. Your best man speech is for everybody to enjoy the special occasion. Capturing the attention of the audience does just that.

Don’t be silly and embarrassing

man making a funny best man speech

Remember to use good body language, and most importantly be yourself. When you’re calm and collected, the audience will be able to concentrate completely on the content of your speech.

There’s a thin line between being hilarious and being stupid and embarrassing. Sadly, the difference is so small that many people don’t realize it at all. As the best man, you have to make sure that the lovely couple enjoy the day to the fullest. So, do not reveal anything that’s too uncomfortable or personal for the couple.

Watch body language and vocabulary

You should watch your body language and choice of vocabulary when delivering your best man speech. You shouldn’t try to do anything that will send the wrong message to the audience.

Remember, you’re the best man of your best friend. If you mess it up, it will reflect on him as well.

Make light-hearted fun

It’s okay to make light-hearted fun of the couple when delivering a best man speech. However, make sure to not mention the less than pleasant behavior of the groom or bride. This can make them look bad, and make you look much worse. Therefore, you can share personal stories but don’t cross the line.

Wrap it up

All jokes aside, you should finish by wishing the couple the best in their marriage. Then ask everyone to raise their glass and toast to the beautiful couple.

All in all, the best man speech is a wish for a happy life for the couple. This day is about them and not you. So, make sure that your speech is funny, engaging, and memorable for the couple as well as their guests. Want to get more information about writing and delivering funny best man speeches? Well, be sure to check out Best Man Wedding Speeches here.

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